[Alsaplayer-devel] Re: synaescope

Richard Boulton richard@tartarus.org
Sat, 13 Nov 1999 12:20:51 +0000

I've just put the following in the CVS docs/ directory, to answer
this question. ;-)


Synaescope is port of the Synaesthesia program, by Paul Harrison
See http://yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au/~pfh/synaesthesia.html for more
information on Synaesthesia.

It was ported from version 1.3 of synaesthesia, by Richard Boulton.

What does it do?

The documentation for Synaesthesia says:

  This is a program for representing sounds visually (from a CD or line
  input). It goes beyond the usual oscilliscope style program by combining
  an FFT and stereo positioning information to give a two dimensional
  display. Some of the shapes I have observed are:
    * Drums: clouds of color, fairly high
    * Clean guitar: several horizontal lines, low down
    * Rough guitar: a cloud, low down
    * Trumpet: Lots of horizontal lines everywhere
    * Flute: A single horizontal line, low down
    * Voice: A vertical line with some internal structure

  Surround sound decoding has been added in version 1.1. Ambient noise is
  shown in orange.