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Mon, 20 Nov 2000 13:32:33 +0100

Hum .. First at all hello=20

I plan to switch my work on mp3sb (http://www.mp3sb.org) for mpg123 to
alsaplayer . and I have several questions=20

- Is there a way to load and unload the gui while playing ?=20
- Why the core is written in C++ and the plugins in C ?
- How can I made alsaplayer play http files as mp3=20

-Is it possible to write a plugins to process a stream (in mp3 for

We are rebuilding the server-side of mp3sb
- I want to build a thing that you have that can work without gui and
can be control throught a network socket=20
- I will write the code for playlist and stuff like that ..=20

And i want to separate the gui from the player. I think the gui will
be rebuild from a xml stream written from a plugin in the server side
By this way changing something in the server side .. don't mean patch
the client ..=20

It's a bit fuzzy i know .. but .. :))

And why esd don't work in the .32 ?=20

I have ever read the code about the socket_mon .. that seems to be
what i'm looking for but I don't know .=20

Could you please help me ?=20

Perhaps I should wait until you release alsaplayer as  lib ?

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