[Alsaplayer-devel]ideas about gui design.

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey@boosthardware.com
Sun, 16 Dec 2001 04:38:52 +0900

You still around Andy? 

Must be getting kind of nervous about now ;-]

If you are in the mood, what is the chance that the playlist open dialog
can be universal for every alsaplayer that is being run? 

I find that having just two players open really clutters my desktop. If
this is to succeed we would need to provide a way to send each file or a
selection of files to a specific gui. Eventually it would be drag and
drop but apparently gtk doesn't support that quite yet. For now it could
be a right click menu or even a menu on the side with the buttons.

Also does anyone know how to change the shape of the window being
displayed in gtk (I don't use qt). It's about time we added a few
funkier designs to the alsaplayer gui quiver.

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