[Alsaplayer-devel]Problem with libgtk.so.

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey@boosthardware.com
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 20:58:00 +0900

In case you get a chance to think about this soon.

I keep getting this error when starting any of the packages I have.
/usr/local/lib/alsaplayer/interface/libgtk.so: undefined symbol:

After that gtk gui starts but with a blank canvas and then crashes after
about 2 seconds. I can get gimp to work using the same gtk+ libs etc...
so I'm unsure about why this is happening.

A possible cause is that I'm using gcc-2.95.3 because everything was
fine until I had to install it for 2.4.16. I tried playing with RTDL_NOW
and RTDL_LAZY in main.cpp and gtl./gtk.cpp but that doesn't do anything.

If anyone has an idea how to fix this I would appreciate a response
becuase My machine will be offline for at least a month at the end of
the week and I would like to work on the cj interface in that time. 

Here's hoping.

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