[Alsaplayer-devel]Playlist and CorePlayer

Evgeny Chukreev codedj@echo.ru
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 00:24:04 +0700

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002 15:48:33 +0200, Andy Lo A Foe <andy@alsaplayer.org> wrote:

ALAF> > What good is to delete CorePlayer instance inside Playlist destructor?
ALAF> > What if CorePlayer is in use anywhere else? I just want to delete Playlist without
ALAF> > deletion of associated CorePlayer..
ALAF> I see what you mean, there is indeed a constructor for playlist that
ALAF> takes a CorePlayer object and assigns it to coreplayer and then this
ALAF> gets deleted in the destructor, bug. I'm not sure we will ever need the
ALAF> first constructor ( Playlist::Playlist(CorePlayer *p) ). If there is no
ALAF> need I will go ahead and remove it, which will then eliminate the bug of
ALAF> deleting a CorePlayer that does not belong to Playlist itself.
ALAF> Comments?
"no comments" (c) EuroNews ;)
I agree.

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