[Alsaplayer-devel] midi_in and commandline files

Greg Lee greg@ling.lll.hawaii.edu
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 09:29:58 -1000 (HST)

On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Andy Lo A Foe wrote:

> download) and it didn't show up in the playlist. The playlist routines
> only add files if they pass any of the can_handle() calls. Can you 
> add some.mid to the playlist at all?

Yes.  I mentioned that the Gtk interface works ok with midis.

> > updated from CVS a few minutes ago and recompiled everything
> > (except python, whose configure script claims I don't have a
> > python interpreter).)
> Hmm, it might be a timing issue i.e. the playlist add thread is done
> right before another thread clears the playlist. Does it happen when
> adding multiple files to the list from the command line?

Yes, it does.  One or many -- it's the same.  If the default playlist
had anything on it, and I give a midi file on the command line, the
playlist is cleared, but my file doesn't get on it (though after
starting up, there's no problem adding it).  If I don't give any
files on the command line, files on the default list are given to
midi_in to open for information in the normal way.

This is not a brand new problem.  I can't recall when I first noticed
it.  I mention it now because its systematicity just became clear
to me, and I wanted Evgeny to know that the difficulty was not
specific to the python interface.

Greg Lee <greg@ling.lll.hawaii.edu>