[Alsaplayer-devel]Digital Turntable with Alsaplayer

Patrick Shirkey kotau@firstlinux.net
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 19:47:58 -0800 (PST)

Do you need to link CorePlayer to your library or your library to CorePlayer?

Andy provided some info about halfway through last year on how to set up a new gui so if you search through the archives you might find that helpful. Sorry I don't remember the thread name.

Apart from that it looks like a very useful project/concept. I didn't see if it will be released gpl (or similar). Is that intended?

Are you intending to manufacture?

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--- Tim Beamish <tbeamish@cs.ubc.ca> wrote:
>Howdy Alsaplayer folks,
>I've created a digital turntable using Alsaplayer. It's not fully finished
>yet, but the basics are done. A turntable device controls the speed and
>direction of a digital audio file in Alsaplayer. All I've done to
>Alsaplayer so far is have the CorePlayer module adjust the speed of the
>playback based on reading a data structure created from the speed of the
>turntable. That part took about two lines of code. I need to work on
>improving the sound quality and implementing some new features. You can
>visit my project page for more info at:
>Right now the project is kind of like the popular FinalScratch application
>that is getting lots of press except I can actually control the
>turntable's motor from the computer.
>In the meantime, I'll be needing some help sifting through some of the
>Alsaplayer code. My current task is trying to link the CorePlayer file
>into a library I've created to read the turntable speed. I'm not sure how
>to go about doing this in the Makefile. I need to use some functions from
>my library in the CorePlayer file and I'm not sure how to get the
>auto-generated Makefile to link CorePlayer to my library. Everything is
>happy if I just look at data structures in the library but when CorePlayer
>starts calling functions, it doesn't compile. I know this is probably
>fairly simple but does someone know where I fix the Makefile to make this
>Thanks for the help and also for making Alsaplayer.
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