[Alsaplayer-devel] 3 questions re config

The Eye mhellwig at gmx.at
Thu Jan 6 18:45:18 GMT 2005

I have 3 questions regarding the configuration of alsaplayer.

1.: is it possible to somehow make alsaplayer _not_ instantly start
playing upon being initiated? With the text-ui I can understand this
behaviour but with the gtk-ui it is tiresome. In almost all cases when I
start alsaplayer, the first thing I have to do is hit the "stop" button.

2.: is it possible to somehow force alsaplayer to pre-cache online
streams? I can set a cache as big as I want, but if alsaplayer doesn't
cache a healthy amount _before_starting_playing_ there will most likely
be dropouts, at least on my connection here.

3.: is it necessary that it is completely impossible to interact with
alsaplayer (at least via the gtk-ui) whilst it is trying to start
playing an URL or file that isn't there or is currently not reachable? I
always have to wait untill it runs into a timeout and _then_ I can
change the playlist or whatever. Which I wanted to do in the first place
but couldn't.

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