[Alsaplayer-devel] Update and future direction

Andy Lo A Foe alsa at alsaplayer.org
Sun Jan 30 21:54:48 GMT 2005

Hi All,

Very long time indeed :)

I've begun cleaning up some long overdue patches. I'm looking to release 
something soonish.
  I've also been thinking of where to take the AlsaPlayer project. Since 
having a fulltime day job and maintaining an OSS project don't really 
mix well (unless your job *is* maintaining that OSS project) I need to 
make some decisions for myself. If I look at the current state I see:

* A lightweight stable audio playback core.
* A pretty good API to the core.
* A miserable user interface.

I started work on a GTK2 interface but after years of scripting and Java 
coding I just don't find it interesting to write a GUI in C/C++ against 
gtk2's API. So it dawned upon me, why not improve the API/CORE and leave 
the GUI to seomeone else? I suck at it anyway. Or at least I think I can 
do a much better job doing the UI in Python, Ruby or even (gasp!) Java...

What do you think?


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