[Alsaplayer-devel] resolution of seeking and session identification propagation

Svoboda.Mojmir at seznam.cz Svoboda.Mojmir at seznam.cz
Sun Jun 18 16:34:39 BST 2006


i have two notes on current alsaplayer functionality concerning remote seeking
and running multiple session with the gtk interfaces.

1. i like the idea of remote position controlling, but i find the actual resolution of
seeking commands quite insufficent: i'd like to have possibility to seek by some
reasonable floating point value (let's say up to 0.01 sec?).

i've been quickly through the sources and i do not see an obvious way to
implement this feature in current seeking mechanism. can you give me a hint,

2. when running multiple instances of alsaplayer with the handy level meter, the
name of the session is not propagated to the plugin and therefore multiple
running plugins carry the same wm_class and wm_name and i cannot find any way to
tell the window manager which session the meter belongs to for correct placement
on screen.

the easiest way seems to be use the the context pointer to pass the information
to the plugin via
    typedef int(*scope_init_type)(void *arg);
as i understand it this may be done in init_main_window in iface/gtk. is it right?

thanks in advance,
mojmir svoboda

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