[Alsaplayer-devel] 0.99.80-rc2 and future for AlsaPlayer

MadeJ madejos at o2.pl
Fri Jul 13 18:23:19 BST 2007

i'll answer gtk2 issues only as there was my work

Dominique Michel wrote:
> * Open or play stream button.
can be done
just have to think whether:
a) http://address/
b) http://address/file.mp3
c) http://address/list.pls

a, b, c are all streams or maybe stream is a only coz b is file and c is
playlist (that's what i think) but it may cause some confusion coz all
are remote files.....
think about it

> * Improve playlist sorting with the mouse. I get reports like what users just
> don't get it. It would be better if, when we drag a file, if it will be just
> moved. And maybe use another mouse button to copy the entry.

it cannot be easier icon shows you what's gonna happen (+ add, no + move)
> * GTK2 playlist now prints "Unknown" (alongside the filename) for untagged
> files which I have a lot of. I liked the old way better: gracefully ignore the
> absence of tags and print the filename only. Or maybe use the last folder of
> the file path instead of unknown.
it says artist unknown and in title shows you filename if you prefer
empty string for artist nothing simpler just change the line where ap
puts unknown and change it to empty string or whatever you want

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