[Alsaplayer-devel] signed up and put off straight away

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at citycable.ch
Mon Jun 25 18:25:56 BST 2007

Le Mon, 25 Jun 2007 15:59:13 +0100,
MadeJ <madejos at o2.pl> a écrit :

> i've just signed up here and my emails were sent back to me
> not that i'm born whiner but it can really put off
> maybe we should change mailing list and more people would use it
> and hello to everybody as it's my first mail
> _______________________________________________
> alsaplayer-devel mailing list
> alsaplayer-devel at lists.tartarus.org
> http://lists.tartarus.org/mailman/listinfo/alsaplayer-devel 

Hi Madej,

Welcome on board !

Are those messages coming back from mailman or from another domain with some
spam for a wrong working spam filter with subject: ***Your message was

I just try to take a look on the administration interface at
http://lists.tartarus.org/mailman/listinfo/alsaplayer-devel but I don't have
access for this at that time. So I must first fix this before I can do

Another issue is at John Kelleher send 2 mails on the list with a double gtk2
bug report:


The most annoying is at gtk2 is not working for him. When discussing this, you
said at you know what it is and can fix it. I will be really nice if this can
be fixed before rc2.

The title issue can wait until you can replicate this. I was able to duplicate
it, but the CD is not mine. I can try to do a copy and if it work as
expected (truncated title), I will send you the copy.


Dominique Michel

N.B.: Tous les emails que je reçois sont filtrés par spamassassin avant de me

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