[Alsaplayer-devel] internationalization of AlsaPlayer

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at citycable.ch
Mon Jun 25 18:44:16 BST 2007

The gtk2 interface in the svn support gettext now. The provided language at
that time of writing are en_GB, pl and fr.

It will be great, if you can another language, if you can make a po file for
that language and send it to the list. Maybe announce you first in order to
avoid duplicated effort.

If you don't know what a po file is, the syntax is self explanatory. For each
string that need to be translated, you have a '#: file:line' key. It is where
the string is in the source code. Don't modify it.
'msgid "Original string in en"' Don't modify it
"msgstr "Translated string"' Write the translation between the double quotes.

Don't forget in the beginning of the file to add your name in the
Last-Translator line at the beginning of the file.

If you don't want to use an editor, you can do all this and more with
gtranslator or other specialised programs.

The best way is to use an existing po file and rename it. You can
also rename and modify po/alsaplayer.pot.

You you want to try your po file, it should be enough to just add it in the po
folder and run make; make install as usual. You can also run something like

 msgfmt fr.po --statistics -c -v --output-file=fr.gmo

before make; make install.


P.S.: I can try to do something for swedish, but it will be better if a swede
can do it.

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