[Alsaplayer-devel] New release, was: svn checkout 1240 fixes my gtk2 problem

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at citycable.ch
Wed Jun 27 20:24:26 BST 2007

Le Wed, 27 Jun 2007 19:27:34 +0100,
MadeJ <madejos at o2.pl> a écrit :

> John Kelleher wrote:
> > I do note that a gtk1 option seems not to be there at all in svn 1240,
> > even as a fall-back, which I guess was discussed previously. That might
> > be a problem if there are any unknown gtk2 errors still out there. gtk1
> > is incomplete, true, but it did work as far as it went, and there is a
> > big difference between 'no available gui' and 'a slightly-defective
> > gui'.
> about this one
> i'd leave gtk1 but on the other hand there's no one who wants to take
> care of it so it's really questionable
> i think gtk1 works without gtk2 so maybe give choice in configure one or
> another but not both or just try to fix it (if there's a volunteer)

On the not so long run, most distributions will just drop gtk1 support. I think
at the only reasonable use today for a gtk1 system would be on embedded system
that doesn't need to support UTF-8. I also think at an embedded system with an
audio player like AlsaPlayer would have to support UTF-8 because the today's
sound file formats support it in their tags and filenames. So, who will use a
gtk1 audio player when he can use the same player for the same price with a gtk2

I am thinking to do a double release, something such as alsaplayer-0.99.80-gtk1
that will correspond to the svn revision 1202. The problem is at the mad patch
in revision 1203 just completely break gtk1 that just crash at startup.

I don't want to have broken stuff in the main trunk anymore, so I moved it in
trunk/experimental/obsolete. But if someone will fix it, I will be happy to
move it back in the tree. (At least as long at some linux distributions are
supporting gtk1). (I don't modified the gtk2 stuff in the makefile autoconf
thing after the move, so it is just to move back the gtk1 files and add the
gtk1 stuff in the autoconf system as they was before).

> i'm really busy now so i cannot even look at gtk2 but if there are bugs
> i'll be happy to fix them
> as well as change icons or other rather cosmetic jobs

For the other release, gtk2 seam to be very stable but I am not sure if it
should be 0.99.80-rc2 or 0.99.80.

I know at some things must be fixed like this cddb issue or an alsaplayer
icon, but they can be fixed after 0.99.80 or rc2.

What do you thing?

For the freedesktop icon, I am thinking to add all the icons on the website in
extra/icons and install one as the default. That way, someone that doesn't like
the default icon can install one of the others if he want to.

I also want to advertise for more artwork contributions with the release.

It is a few questions here:

- Which one of the actual icon is most suitable?
- Is is good to already have a freedesktop icon or is it better to wait for
more artwork before choosing a definitive icon?


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