[Alsaplayer-devel] New release, was: svn checkout 1240 fixes my gtk2 problem

MadeJ madejos at o2.pl
Wed Jun 27 20:55:01 BST 2007

Dominique Michel wrote:

> For the other release, gtk2 seam to be very stable but I am not sure if it
> should be 0.99.80-rc2 or 0.99.80.

i think rc2 that we can be sure there's no bugs and we should just stop
adding extra functionality and focus on fixing ap
if there's no single bug we can make 80 exact copy of last rc (maybe even 2)

> I know at some things must be fixed like this cddb issue or an alsaplayer
> icon, but they can be fixed after 0.99.80 or rc2.
> What do you thing?

i'd fix it now if i were you (bugs icon can wait)

> For the freedesktop icon, I am thinking to add all the icons on the website in
> extra/icons and install one as the default. That way, someone that doesn't like
> the default icon can install one of the others if he want to.

with icons we can wait cos we don't even have many candidates

> - Which one of the actual icon is most suitable?
> - Is is good to already have a freedesktop icon or is it better to wait for
> more artwork before choosing a definitive icon?

i'd wait to have one really nice that will say this is the player

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