[Alsaplayer-devel] Handling metadata independently of input plugins

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at citycable.ch
Sat Nov 3 17:15:08 GMT 2007

Le Wed, 31 Oct 2007 23:44:24 +0300,
"Peter Lemenkov" <lemenkov at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Hello All!
Hi Peter! Good to hear you!

> We got bunch of poorly maintained and outdated code in almost every
> input-plugin - metadata parsing (input_plugin::stream_info function
> and supplementary ones). Although there are various improvements in
> RFCs for almost every format/stream type and some general purpose
> libraries for dealing with metadata we still use these old and hackish
> implementations.
> I decided to propose another approach. I discovered interesting
> library - taglib, which capable to handle id3tag, ogg/flac, mpc and
> (still not implemented by me) ape tags.
> I attached very pre-pre-beta patch - it's only a proof-of-concept but
> may show that it's really working.
> So I requesting for comments - are any objections of removing
> metadata-related code from input plugins? From my point of view -
> there are many advantages (better support for modern RFCs, security
> etc), better and cleaner codebase and so on. As for portability -
> taglib included in almost all linux distros existed (don't know about
> commercial unices), written in C++ but w/o external dependencies.

Sounds very good. My proposition is that I first made the 0.99.80 release with
the last svn code before we begin to work on this. It can be made under this

How do you want to process? I see at least 2 ways: 1) to commit only working
patches, or 2) to make a branch into the svn and merge it when nothing break.


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