[Alsaplayer-devel] free software, free food

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at citycable.ch
Wed Nov 14 21:32:02 GMT 2007

For info, I get 2 emails asking me to participate to a survey on

They are completely obsessed by property and I get so bored after the first
page that remain me one of the only few book that I never succeeded to read,
Capital from Marx (I prefer his philosophic work, but that another matter),
that I send this answer to them:


I took a look, but your questions are completely boring me and I will
not make a survey on AlsaPlayer email list about this nor answer them. I am not
economist, money is not my God and I don't give a dime about property! With
some other words, I am not jealous and don't give a dime if the wife in my bed
is yours.

More, I will never trust an economic system where weapon traffic is the first
source of incomes and where poverty is possible! Economy is not the goal
but a science! We must use it and not be used by it. We must use it, here and
now, in order to make a better world to live in. In practice, it is almost
always the contrary that append. A few peoples are making big money because
they own something or some legal right on something or someone. At the same
time, around the half of the humanity doesn't get enough money to make a bank
account or send their children at school. And worst: according to the UN, it is
enough food on earth today for every one on earth; according to the UN, more as
35 millions of people are starving to death each year. So why? Only because they
don't get enough money in order to pay for the existing food on the markets.

The AlsaPlayer is not for sale!

More about free software. This is for me the better prof that a better world is
possible here and now! a world where peoples are helping each other instead of
to compete against each other. Free software work. It is not perfect, but work
often better as commercial softwares because peoples doing this have fun. And
they don't want to make money with it, they want to use it.

Ideally, this is like to go for a walk in the wild. No car that pollute the air
that the other peoples are breezing, no crazy noise, just respect, harmony and
new things around the corner all the time. And peoples that we meet are
happy and willing to share.

We already have free software, why not to make free food, free school and free
care for every one on earth? This is possible, only a matter of priority, a
matter of knowing our possibilities (we are living here and now, not at the
hypothetical future of the perfect one) and making the good choices (good like
good). In 3 words, a matter of respect, here and now.

Dominique Michel
Dominique Michel

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