[Alsaplayer-devel] Re: suggestions requested on where to patch key shortcuts

Prof J C Nash nashjc at ncf.ca
Mon Nov 19 14:15:49 GMT 2007

Recently I got helpful answers on where to find the keyboard shortcuts 
for the player. These have proved very useful. However, now I need to do 
some more awkward changes and could use some suggestions of where to look.

The application is in playing music for English and American dance (like 
in the Pride and Prejudice films). After software, my other passion. It 
is very helpful to have the keyboard shortcuts when we are learning the 
dances and need a quick "cut!" or slowdown. But one of our members is 
registered blind. She has a bit of sight (and none of us know how, but 
she is always right in position when dancing), but individual keys are a 
challenge. I'd like to be able to program some key groups for the major 
functions e.g., ASDZX for start, space for stop, 0-= to slow, and .,/ 
for faster. Any ideas where I should be looking, and what may be good 
approaches? I suspect I should try to provide a subroutine that will 
abstract all this to allow folk to more easily change things.

Cheers, JN

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