[Alsaplayer-devel] [Bug] Message "FIXME: f_unsynchronization is set" appears when playing MP3 files

Da TemPLaR da.templar at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 16:16:03 GMT 2008

Greetings everyone,

Today, after adding some newly ripped MP3 files to my playing list,
using alsaplayer 0.99.80-rc1 with its GTK2 interface, the message :
"FIXME: f_unsynchronization is set.Please contact alsaplayer team.",
followed by the MP3 filename and path, appeared multiple times in the
terminal I used to execute the application.

These messages apart, no problems occurred while playing these MP3
files at normal, faster or reverse speed.

So this bug report is sent only because the "Please contact alsaplayer
team" is displayed in these message ;-).

Eddahbi Karim

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