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Thing yet worse." Glazzard set his lips hard, but fell back into the
lounging attitude. "The matter doesn't end here," went on his accuser,
"be sure of that! I shall light upon evidence sooner or later. Do you
know, sir, that Harry had a sister, and that she earns her own living by
giving lessons? You have robbed her--think it over at your leisure. Why,
less than a fortnight after that day you and he spent together--the 1st
of June--the lad lay dying; yet you could deliberately plan to rob him.
Your denial is utterly vain; I would pledge my life on the charge! I
read guilt in your face when I entered--you were afraid of me, Mr.
Glazzard! I understand now why you never came to see the lad on his
death-bed, though he sent for you--and of course I know why he was
anxious to speak to you. Oh, you have plenty of plausible excuses, but
they are lies! You felt pretty sure, I dare say, that the lad would not
betray you; you knew his fine sense of honour; you calculated upon it.
All your conduct is of a piece!" Glazzard rose. "Mr. Ch
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