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Rried away a chunk of bleeding flesh. Several steps from where I lay, I
saw an archer of gigantic stature, calm in the midst of the tumult,
choose from his quiver his sharpest arrow, lay it on the string of his
bow, pull it with a sinewy arm, and take long aim at one of the two
chained _saldunes_, who, dragged down by the fall of his comrade, now
dead by his side, could only fight on one knee. But so much the more
valiantly did he ply his iron-capped staff. He swung it before him with
such tireless dexterity that for some time none dared to brave its
blows, for each stroke carried death. The Cretan archer, waiting for the
proper moment, was again aiming at the _saldune_, when old Deber-Trud
bounded forth. Held tight where I lay under the heap of dead which was
crushing me, unable to move without causing intense pain in my wounded
thigh, I summoned all my remaining strength to cry out: "Hou! Hou!
Deber-Trud--at the Roman." The dog, increasingly excited by my voice,
which he recognized, dashed with one bound upon the Cretan, at the
moment when the arrow hissed from the string, and buried itself, still
quivering, in the stalwart breast of the _saldune_. With this new wound
his eyes closed, his heavy arms let fall the
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