Tartarus CVS: zap james

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Wed, 15 Mar 2000 13:20:45 +0000

CVSROOT:	/usr/data/cvs
Module name:	zap
Changes by:	james	00/03/15 13:20:45

Modified files:
	docs/src       : Appendix01,fff Chapter01,fff Chapter02,fff 
	                 Chapter03,fff Chapter04,fff Chapter05,fff 
	                 Chapter06,fff Chapter07,fff Chapter08,fff 
	                 Chapter09,fff Chapter10,fff Chapter11,fff 
	                 Chapter12,fff Chapter13,fff Chapter14,fff 
	                 Chapter15,fff IdxAlias,fff 
Added files:
	docs/src       : .cvsignore 

Log message:
* source format changed from docsrc.pl to buttress
(which admittedly means that makeman is now useless, and that we can't
currently build HTML output, but I'll work on that)