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Sun, 19 Mar 2000 00:24:15 +0000

CVSROOT:	/usr/data/cvs
Module name:	zap
Changes by:	ds	00/03/19 00:24:15

Modified files:
	sources/modes/!ZapMJESrc/c: Routines,fff 
	sources/modes/!ZapMJESrc/h: Defns,fff Main,fff 
	sources/modes/!ZapMJESrc/s: CMode,fff C_Redraw,fff Commands,fff 
	                            Common,fff Tables,fff 

Log message:
Fixed the LISTFNS code for C, C++ and Java modes.
Most of the internationalisation has been done.
Various indentation fixes:
new command MJE_SETINDENTCOMMENT controls whether comments are reindented;
no longer inserts an LF if applied to the first line in the file;
unindents by one level on finding 'case' or 'default';
automatic reindentation on typing the ':' after 'case' or 'default';
no longer gets the indentation level wrong after eg. "{/*comment*/";
preprocessor lines are now ignored when finding the indent depth;
indentation after multiline statements should be largely correct.
Known problems: multiline (;;) in for; function declarations.