Tartarus CVS: ciel chris

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Mon, 27 May 2002 07:51:08 +0100

CVSROOT:	/usr/data/cvs
Module name:	ciel
Changes by:	chris	02/05/27 07:51:08

Modified files:
	.              : Tag: x86-port TODO decode.cc emulation.cc 
	                 fake_lib.cc instructions.cc load_file.cc 
	include        : Tag: x86-port emulation.h libc_helpers.h 
	                 logical_ops.h x86_ptr.h 
	x86_libc       : Tag: x86-port dirent.cc fcntl.cc getopt.cc 
	                 grp.cc ioctl.cc libc.cc libc_funcs.h locale.cc 
	                 malloc.cc misc.cc poll.cc pwd.cc setjmp.cc 
	                 signal.cc stat.cc stdio.cc string.cc termios.cc 
	                 time.cc unistd.cc wait.cc 

Log message:
Changed all the libc prototypes to use x86_ptr rather than reg_t * for esp,
and arg<T>::get_next() rather than *++esp (where not already done).  Some
libc functions which access memory still need sorting out.
Cleaned up the jumps within pre-decoded functions; now have separate
implementations of jmp and j_cond for that case.
A few pointer fixes; quite a lot of dereferences etc. still need fixing, but
the tiny dynamic binary runs now (test1_dyn).