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Mon Nov 1 15:50:38 GMT 2004

CVS Root:       /home/cvs
Module:         zap
Changes by:     christian
Date:           Mon Nov 01 2004  15:50:38 GMT

Log message:
Add support for multiple zap font resources.
Ideally we'd use *ZapFontInstall to do this, but unlike the Font Manager
we can't guarantee ZapRedraw will be loaded (in fact at boot time it
definitely won't). Instead use a BASIC program to install the path and make
sure there aren't multiple copies of the same resource application, and get
ZapRedraw to rescan the path on the off chance that it _is_ loaded.

Modified files:
    dists/fonts/!ZapFonts: !Boot,feb !Run,feb
Added files:
    dists/fonts/!ZapFonts: AddPath,ffb


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