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Fri Oct 15 09:16:31 BST 2004

CVS Root:       /home/cvs
Module:         putty
Changes by:     simon
Date:           Fri Oct 15 2004  09:16:31 BST

Log message:
I'm instituting a policy that before every release I will grep the
PuTTY source for the word XXX-REMOVE-BEFORE-RELEASE, and not release
until I've got rid of all of them. Hence, here's an addition to the
release checklist which will remind me to do so.
I don't want this mechanism to seriously inhibit a release by being
a placeholder for a large piece of work we might never get round to.
It should be used only in cases where it's _simple_ to change the
offending code: for example, a performance-impacting diagnostic
might be invaluable while testing nightly snapshots but wouldn't
want to slow down everyone's next release, and it's easy to get rid
of on release day.

Modified files:
    .               : CHECKLST.txt


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