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Revision:       5731
Date:           2005-05-02 14:17:10 +0100 (Mon, 02 May 2005)

Log message (12 lines):
Added an automatic `Solve' feature to most games. This is useful for
various things:
 - if you haven't fully understood what a game is about, it gives
   you an immediate example of a puzzle plus its solution so you can
   understand it
 - in some games it's useful to compare your solution with the real
   one and see where you made a mistake
 - in the rearrangement games (Fifteen, Sixteen, Twiddle) it's handy
   to be able to get your hands on a pristine grid quickly so you
   can practise or experiment with manoeuvres on it
 - it provides a good way of debugging the games if you think you've
   encountered an unsolvable grid!

Modified files:
U   puzzles/cube.c
U   puzzles/fifteen.c
U   puzzles/gtk.c
U   puzzles/midend.c
U   puzzles/net.c
U   puzzles/netslide.c
U   puzzles/nullgame.c
U   puzzles/osx.m
U   puzzles/pattern.c
U   puzzles/puzzles.but
U   puzzles/puzzles.h
U   puzzles/rect.c
U   puzzles/sixteen.c
U   puzzles/solo.c
U   puzzles/twiddle.c
U   puzzles/windows.c


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