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Thu May 19 18:07:02 BST 2005

SVN root:       svn://
Changes by:     jacob
Revision:       5810
Date:           2005-05-19 18:07:01 +0100 (Thu, 19 May 2005)

Log message (3 lines):
Add in a <!--MIRRORWARNING--> hook to all the web pages (.html and
autogenerated) in order that we can tweak the rsync-able copy to distinguish
mirrors from the primary site.

Modified files:
U   putty-website/changes.html
U   putty-website/docs.html
U   putty-website/download.html
U   putty-website/index.html
U   putty-website/licence.html
U   putty-website/links.html
U   putty-website/maillist.html
U   putty-website/mirrors.html
U   putty-website/team.html
U   putty-wishlist/control/bugs2html


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