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Sun Nov 13 13:07:53 GMT 2005

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Changes by:     simon
Revision:       6458
Date:           2005-11-13 13:07:52 +0000 (Sun, 13 Nov 2005)

Log message (8 lines):
Just to be on the safe side about avoiding other portability hazards
in future, add `-ansi -pedantic' to the Halibut default compile
options and fix the few resulting warnings (mostly signed/unsigned
char mismatches and commas at the ends of enums). The one remaining
warning I'm still seeing is `missing initializer' for the big table
in charset/iso2022.c, but I think the code genuinely is more
readable this way, and I haven't found a gcc option to disable that
specific warning.

Modified files:
U   halibut/Makefile
U   halibut/halibut.h
U   halibut/input.c
U   halibut/winhelp.c


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