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Thu Apr 27 00:01:07 BST 2006

SVN root:       svn://
Changes by:     jacob
Revision:       6641
Date:           2006-04-27 00:01:06 +0100 (Thu, 27 Apr 2006)

Log message (6 lines): was giving different results on different machines in the case
where two SBCS code points mapped to a single Unicode point.
Changed so that by default it favours the lower SBCS code point.
On ixion, this highlighted ambiguities in CS_MAC_THAI, CS_MAC_SYMBOL, and
CS_VISCII. Guessed at a preference for the first two and added "sortpriority"
directives. (No idea about VISCII.)

Modified files:
U   charset/sbcs.dat
U   charset/
U   putty/charset/sbcs.dat
U   putty/charset/


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