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Wed Dec 27 11:05:21 GMT 2006

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Changes by:     simon
Revision:       7020
Date:           2006-12-27 11:05:20 +0000 (Wed, 27 Dec 2006)

Log message (15 lines):
Actually introduce the ability to build the Windows icons into the
Windows puzzle binaries. This checkin involves several distinct
 - now has an extra feature: if an object file is listed
   in Recipe with a trailing question mark, it will be considered
   optional, and silently dropped from the makefile if its primary
   source file isn't present at the time runs. This means
   people who check out the puzzles from Subversion and just run shouldn't get build failures; they just won't get the
 - all the .R files now use this feature to include an optional
   Windows resource file.
 - the .rc resource source files are built by icons/Makefile.
 - windows.c finds the icon if present and uses it in place of the
   standard Windows application icon.

Modified files:
U   puzzles/Recipe
U   puzzles/blackbox.R
U   puzzles/bridges.R
U   puzzles/cube.R
U   puzzles/dominosa.R
U   puzzles/fifteen.R
U   puzzles/flip.R
U   puzzles/guess.R
_U  puzzles/icons/
U   puzzles/icons/Makefile
U   puzzles/inertia.R
U   puzzles/lightup.R
U   puzzles/loopy.R
U   puzzles/map.R
U   puzzles/mines.R
U   puzzles/
U   puzzles/net.R
U   puzzles/netslide.R
U   puzzles/pattern.R
U   puzzles/pegs.R
U   puzzles/rect.R
U   puzzles/samegame.R
U   puzzles/sixteen.R
U   puzzles/slant.R
U   puzzles/solo.R
U   puzzles/tents.R
U   puzzles/twiddle.R
U   puzzles/untangle.R
U   puzzles/windows.c


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