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Sat Jan 6 17:32:35 GMT 2007

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Changes by:     ben
Revision:       7061
Date:           2007-01-06 17:32:34 +0000 (Sat, 06 Jan 2007)

Log message (6 lines):
Overhaul of glyph-name handling in the paper backends.  Before, we had
a separate dense array of glyph names for each font, and referenced glyphs
by indicies into that array, which meant that the array had to be set
up before we could generate any indices.  Now we have an overall array of
glyph names, and use the same glyph indicies for all fonts.  Some arrays
have had to turn into tree234s as a result.

Modified files:
U   halibut/bk_paper.c
U   halibut/bk_pdf.c
U   halibut/bk_ps.c
U   halibut/in_afm.c
U   halibut/paper.h
U   halibut/psdata.c


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