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Fri Jan 26 07:28:58 GMT 2007

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Changes by:     simon
Revision:       7164
Date:           2007-01-26 07:28:55 +0000 (Fri, 26 Jan 2007)

Log message (10 lines):
Stop calling gdk_input_add() with a zero flags word. If we don't
want to know about any input events on a socket, it's simpler not to
call gdk_input_add() on it at all.

I hesitate to say `fixes', but ... this change _causes to go away_
the weird problem I had with blank host key dialogs. I have no
understanding of the chain of cause and effect between gdk_input_add
with zero flags and missing redraw events, but it seems like a
change I should make anyway, so I'm going to do so and hope the
problem doesn't come back :-/

Modified files:
U   putty-gtk2/unix/GTK2.TODO
U   putty-gtk2/unix/gtkwin.c


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