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Sat Jan 27 20:47:42 GMT 2007

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Changes by:     ben
Revision:       7175
Date:           2007-01-27 20:47:41 +0000 (Sat, 27 Jan 2007)

Log message (4 lines):
Add support for PFB files.  This seems to have caused me to completely
rewrite the Type 1 font support, and I'm sure the result is more complex
than it needs to be, but it seems to work correctly, so I shouldn't

Modified files:
U   halibut/bk_pdf.c
U   halibut/bk_ps.c
U   halibut/doc/output.but
U   halibut/halibut.h
U   halibut/in_afm.c
U   halibut/in_pf.c
U   halibut/input.c
U   halibut/paper.h
U   halibut/psdata.c


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