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Sat Jun 30 22:56:45 BST 2007

SVN root:       svn://
Changes by:     jacob
Revision:       7628
Date:           2007-06-30 22:56:44 +0100 (Sat, 30 Jun 2007)

Log message (4 lines):
Rationalise access to, and content of, backends[] array.
Should be no significant change in behaviour.
(Well, entering usernames containing commas on Plink's command line will be
a little harder now.)

Modified files:
U   putty/be_all.c
U   putty/be_all_s.c
U   putty/be_none.c
U   putty/be_nos_s.c
U   putty/be_nossh.c
U   putty/config.c
U   putty/mac/mac.c
U   putty/mac/macterm.c
U   putty/macosx/osxwin.m
U   putty/putty.h
U   putty/raw.c
U   putty/rlogin.c
U   putty/settings.c
U   putty/ssh.c
U   putty/telnet.c
U   putty/testback.c
U   putty/unix/uxplink.c
U   putty/unix/uxpty.c
U   putty/unix/uxputty.c
U   putty/unix/uxser.c
U   putty/windows/window.c
U   putty/windows/winplink.c
U   putty/windows/winser.c


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