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Sat May 29 16:43:46 BST 2010

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Changes by:     simon
Revision:       8962
Date:           2010-05-29 16:43:46 +0100 (Sat, 29 May 2010)

Log message (8 lines):
Patch from Mark Wooding to introduce a draw_thick_line() function in
the drawing API, for use by Loopy. It's optional: drawing.c will
construct an acceptable alternative using a filled polygon if the
front end doesn't provide it.

Net and Netslide previously had static functions called
draw_thick_line(), whose claim to the name is less justified and so
they've been renamed.

Modified files:
U   puzzles/drawing.c
U   puzzles/gtk.c
U   puzzles/loopy.c
U   puzzles/net.c
U   puzzles/netslide.c
U   puzzles/nullfe.c
U   puzzles/puzzles.h


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