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Changes by:     simon
Revision:       9179
Date:           2011-06-19 14:43:35 +0100 (Sun, 19 Jun 2011)

Log message (12 lines):
Changed my mind about midend_is_solved: I've now reprototyped it as
midend_status(), and given it three return codes for win, (permanent)
loss and game-still-in-play. Depending on what the front end wants to
use it for, it may find any or all of these three states worth
distinguishing from each other.

(I suppose a further enhancement might be to add _non_-permanent loss
as a fourth distinct status, to describe situations in which you can't
play further without pressing Undo but doing so is not completely
pointless. That might reasonably include dead-end situations in Same
Game and Pegs, and blown-self-up situations in Mines and Inertia.
However, I haven't done this at present.)

Modified files:
U   puzzles/blackbox.c
U   puzzles/bridges.c
U   puzzles/cube.c
U   puzzles/devel.but
U   puzzles/dominosa.c
U   puzzles/fifteen.c
U   puzzles/filling.c
U   puzzles/flip.c
U   puzzles/galaxies.c
U   puzzles/guess.c
U   puzzles/inertia.c
U   puzzles/keen.c
U   puzzles/lightup.c
U   puzzles/loopy.c
U   puzzles/magnets.c
U   puzzles/map.c
U   puzzles/midend.c
U   puzzles/mines.c
U   puzzles/net.c
U   puzzles/netslide.c
U   puzzles/nullgame.c
U   puzzles/pattern.c
U   puzzles/pegs.c
U   puzzles/puzzles.h
U   puzzles/range.c
U   puzzles/rect.c
U   puzzles/samegame.c
U   puzzles/signpost.c
U   puzzles/singles.c
U   puzzles/sixteen.c
U   puzzles/slant.c
U   puzzles/solo.c
U   puzzles/tents.c
U   puzzles/towers.c
U   puzzles/twiddle.c
U   puzzles/unequal.c
U   puzzles/unfinished/group.c
U   puzzles/unfinished/pearl.c
U   puzzles/unfinished/separate.c
U   puzzles/unfinished/slide.c
U   puzzles/unfinished/sokoban.c
U   puzzles/untangle.c


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