[Xapian-commits] Changes in xapian/xapian-core/

Olly Betts olly at ixion.tartarus.org
Tue Nov 2 01:56:43 GMT 2004

CVS Root:       /usr/data/cvs
Module:         xapian
Changes by:     olly
Date:           Tue Nov 02 2004  01:56:43 GMT

Log message:
configure.ac: AC_TYPE_SIZE_T causes problems with Compaq C++ when it
fails to spot size_t (which is there) and the "#define size_t
unsigned long" it adds to config.h breaks "using std::size_t;".
Also removed AC_C_CONST as I don't believe that's needed either
in a largely C++ library.  Both of these have been in configure.in
since the very first version so I suspect autoscan decided we wanted

Modified files:
    xapian-core     : ChangeLog configure.ac


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