[Xapian-commits] 8016: trunk/xapian-maintainer-tools/win32msvc/

olly xapian-commits at lists.xapian.org
Sat Mar 31 05:14:17 BST 2007

SVN root:       svn://svn.xapian.org/xapian
Changes by:     olly
Revision:       8016
Date:           2007-03-31 05:14:17 +0100 (Sat, 31 Mar 2007)

Log message (2 lines):
MSVC doesn't have socklen_t so set SOCKLEN_T to int here instead of adding a
typedef for socklen_t in the xapian code.

Modified files:
U   trunk/xapian-maintainer-tools/win32msvc/config.h.win32


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