[Xapian-commits] 11511: branches/1.0/xapian-core/debian/

olly xapian-commits at lists.xapian.org
Thu Oct 9 13:16:42 BST 2008

SVN root:       svn://svn.xapian.org/xapian
Changes by:     olly
Revision:       11511
Date:           2008-10-09 13:16:42 +0100 (Thu, 09 Oct 2008)

Log message (4 lines):
debian/changelog: 1.0.7-4.
debian/patch: Backport fix from upstream SVN which fixes segfaults when
using OP_ELITE_SET on x86 and possibly m68k due to excess precision
causing a comparison operator to report true for both a>b and b>a.

Modified files:
U   branches/1.0/xapian-core/debian/changelog
U   branches/1.0/xapian-core/debian/patch


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