[Xapian-commits] 13086: trunk/xapian-core/ trunk/xapian-core/backends/chert/

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Sun Jul 19 09:08:17 BST 2009

SVN root:       svn://svn.xapian.org/xapian
Changes by:     olly
Revision:       13086
Date:           2009-07-19 09:08:17 +0100 (Sun, 19 Jul 2009)

Log message (4 lines):
backends/chert/chert_database.cc: Instead of dynamically building a
std::list of the leafnames we need to replicate, just list them in a
compact format in the source file.  Results in smaller code and
should be faster and smaller at runtime.

Modified files:
U   trunk/xapian-core/ChangeLog
U   trunk/xapian-core/backends/chert/chert_database.cc


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