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olly xapian-commits at lists.xapian.org
Thu Feb 11 05:18:47 GMT 2010

SVN root:       svn://svn.xapian.org/xapian
Changes by:     olly
Revision:       13986
Date:           2010-02-11 05:18:47 +0000 (Thu, 11 Feb 2010)

Log message (12 lines):
Backport changes from trunk:
bin/xapian-inspect.cc: Add "until" command to display keys until
a specified one.  Useful for seeing all keys for a particular
posting list, etc.
bin/xapian-inspect.cc: "until" improvements:
+ No longer reports the current key and tag.
+ If passed a key before the current one, no longer silently advances
to the next key.
+ Explicitly says if the specified key doesn't exist, including where
we ended up.
bin/xapian-inspect.cc: Add new "open" command to allow easy switching
between tables.

Modified files:
U   branches/1.0/xapian-core/ChangeLog
U   branches/1.0/xapian-core/bin/xapian-inspect.cc


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