[Xapian-discuss] Compressed Btrees (bugged?)

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Wed Dec 15 15:36:39 GMT 2004

On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 02:04:17PM +0000, Olly Betts wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 11:10:52AM +0100, Arjen van der Meijden wrote:
> > So I was finally able to have quartzcompact run like I wanted it.
> > But after it had finished, omega didn't want to search through the 
> > database anymore, it gave 'inflate err = -3' as output and aborted.
> Hmm, are you using zlib 1.2.x?

He is.

The problem is in the inflate code in the case where a dictionary isn't
used.  Some trickery is needed to get zlib to do dictionaries with raw
inflate, and that's messing up the non-dictionary case,

I'll work up a revised patch shortly.


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