[Xapian-discuss] large Xapian index files

Robert Pollak robert.pollak at fabasoft.com
Mon Jul 19 14:04:49 BST 2004

Hello Arjen van der Meijden,

on xapian-discuss you mentioned that your Xapian installation has got up to
15 GB database size. Can you tell me about the largest index filesize you got?

According to <http://xapian.org/docs/scalability.html>, it seems that the
quartz database filesize is limited only by the OS and file system. Can you
confirm from your experience that there is no 2GB limit?

(I have grepped for "size_t" and "off_t" in the xapian-core code, but I do not
know how to interpret what I see.)

Robert Pollak
GPG Key ID: 748646AD

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