[Xapian-discuss] large Xapian index files

Arjen van der Meijden arjen at glas.its.tudelft.nl
Mon Jul 19 15:35:41 BST 2004

Hi Robert,

We have been using Xapian/Omega for over a year now and even when we 
started (version 0.6.4 orso, although it was still called 0.4.1-cvs or 
something like that), we didn't run into any such problems. Here is a 
`ls -1sh` of our current working-database:

default-worknew$ ls -1sh
total 13G
4.0k meta
6.2G position_DB
104k position_baseA
104k position_baseB
3.1G postlist_DB
  56k postlist_baseA
  56k postlist_baseB
310M record_DB
8.0k record_baseA
8.0k record_baseB
2.8G termlist_DB
  44k termlist_baseA
  44k termlist_baseB
  67M value_DB
4.0k value_baseA
4.0k value_baseB

As you can see there are three tables which have passed the 2G barrier. 
This is (and has always been) on a Linux system with a 2.4 kernel.

I guess this answers your question.

Best regards,


On 19-7-2004 15:04, Robert Pollak wrote:

> Hello Arjen van der Meijden,
> on xapian-discuss you mentioned that your Xapian installation has got up to
> 15 GB database size. Can you tell me about the largest index filesize 
> you got?
> According to <http://xapian.org/docs/scalability.html>, it seems that the
> quartz database filesize is limited only by the OS and file system. Can you
> confirm from your experience that there is no 2GB limit?
> (I have grepped for "size_t" and "off_t" in the xapian-core code, but I 
> do not
> know how to interpret what I see.)

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