[Xapian-discuss] TCL Binding working, but db_lock doesn't get removed?

Eric Parusel eparusel at creativens.com
Sat Nov 6 18:37:58 GMT 2004

Olly Betts wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 04:04:11PM -0700, Eric Parusel wrote:
>>code inserted:
>>set var_owner [db cget -thisown]
>>puts "Owner: $var_owner"
>>"Owner: 1")
>>So it is owned correctly....
>>I will contact the SWIG people and see what they suggest.
> Did you get around to this?  I couldn't see anything on the SWIG mailing
> list, but if you've reported it already, I don't want to send in a
> duplicate report...

I joined, and sent an email, but it never made it to the list...
I emailed the list maintainer, and never got a reply.


I assume somehow I was being blocked (spam filter?) and I gave up after 
finally noticing Search::Xapian...

Attached is the email I tried to send to the list.

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