[Xapian-discuss] Test builds for CYGWIN and IRIX?

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Mon Nov 22 03:35:57 GMT 2004

I'm starting to prepare the next release.  Since 0.8.3 I've made a
number of changes to get working builds working on HPUX and OSF, and
made some of the Windows specific bits more robust.  I'd like to check
that these haven't broken CYGWIN or IRIX builds, but I don't have
access to these platforms.  If you are able to test, it'd be most
appreciated if you could.  Download a CVS snapshot from here:


Unpack, configure, and "make" then "make check".  If it fails, send a
log.  If it doesn't, send details of the OS and compiler versions.


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