[Xapian-discuss] Search and batch updates

Sebastjan Trepca trepca at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 12:28:58 BST 2005


I will be using xapian to index mailboxes and the first problem is
that I will have to index headers somehow. As I read from previous
messages the best way is to create some unique terms like
"from::hehe at hehe.net" and then index that. But what if I have a query
that wants all messages that has word "hehe" in from header?
Searching by "from::mirko" doesn't get any results, using wildcards
doesnt help either.

I will be syncing mailbox with xapian index so I will try to use its
batching mechanism using flush() etc. I'm just wondering if anyone has
any experience and tips about handling this problem using xapian. I
will probably just call flush() on some delay.

Thanks for help.

Regards, Sebastjan

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