[Xapian-discuss] Empty results OMEGA with XAPIAN 1.0.1

M.J. van der Veen forward at mvanderveen.nl
Tue Jun 12 13:57:04 BST 2007


I configured XAPIAN 1.0.1 and OMEGA 1.0.1. on my development machine
(first removed the old ones). I recreated my databases (both quartz
and flint) and tried to run original queries against the databases
created by the new versions.

I'm getting empty result sets from OMEGA. If I use the delve tool I
actually see that the records are created fine. No log files are
written as far as I know. Are there any methods to debug this?

I've tried running OMEGA 1.0.1 against a XAPIAN 0.9.9 database and
this works fine, so I guess the problem lies with XAPIAN.



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