[Xapian-discuss] weight question

Andrey alpha04 at netvigator.com
Fri Nov 2 04:49:39 GMT 2007


how to achive Query with terms' weight to a Boolean matching?
i think my question is unclear/misleading... example

I have a document reads:
"I am eating an apple while using apple computer"

My xapian query:

instead of getting a weight of 11 of this doc (2Xapple 1Xcomputer), how to 
make the matching in boolean way so i will get a weight of 7 for this 

Is it possible to add "penalty" in a query?
docA = "How to eat an apple while using apple computer"
docB = "I am eating an apple while using apple computer"

Query(apple:4,computer:3,how:-1) << is it possible to penalty / lost weight 
when doc has the term "how" so the docB ranks heigher?

how heavy will it be if i add a value of "hash(md5  HTML<title> X 
websiteDomain)" to each document, and then use this key to collapse 
duplicated-title-in-domain using set_collapse_key? is it way too heavy?

Thanks and really appreciated
Andrey K. 

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